How to start with Airvoice

For instructions on how to download, install and use it for the first time please see below for both Mobile Dialer or Pc/Laptop Dialer:

  1. Download it by clicking on the link or you can directly download it from iTunes Store, Google PlayStore,etc. (As you download please note down the Operator Code as given beside it)

  2. Install it on your Pc/Laptop or your Mobile handset.

  3. Open the Application for the first time by clicking on the application.

  4. Give the Operator Code or Brand Pin as per given beside the download link in the website.

  5. Give your username and password as was allotted to you . (You will find it in your Welcome E-mail from Airvoice).

  6. After this, you would be able to see your balance on the screen.

  7. Start Dialing. Enjoy...

How to Call using Airvoice Dialers

  1. LOGIN to your dialer. You will be able to see your available balance.

  2. Dial the country code along with the number. You don’t have to give any + sign or 00 before the number.

    For Example, if you want to dial a mobile number in India with 98321xxxxx. So just dial 9198321xxxxx.
    Similarly if you want to dial any Landline no in Kolkata, India with the number 033-3294xxxx. So just dial 91333294xxxx. That’s it. After dialing an IVR Voice will tell you the available minutes and then you will be able to hear the ring.
Enjoy Airvoice.

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